Civic and Community Engagement Minor

Student group “Anteaters Are Better Together” make PB&J sandwiches in the effort to help eliminate hunger. Chris Nugent/UCI


What is the minor?

  • An exciting interdisciplinary program that provides students with knowledge, skills, and opportunities to engage as citizens and community members in the 21st century
  • A supplement to students’ major expertise that provides greater breadth of experiences for personal growth and public good
  • An opportunity for students to distinguish themselves through training in how to use knowledge to improve individual, community, and society level outcomes
  • An exciting way to build connections, friendships, and collaborations with students and faculty from diverse disciplines across the entire UCI campus

Who can enroll?

  • All undergraduate students on campus are eligible, regardless of major
  • Students who want to make a difference in our world, at the local, national, or international level, are especially encouraged

What is required?

Students must take 1 core course, a 4- units internship and 3-5 elective courses depending on the track they declare.

  • Within the minor are the leadership track and poverty track that provide even greater range of hands on experiences and opportunities for students.
  • Students are highly recommended to take Uni Stu 110 – Philanthropy in the Community, which count as an elective course despite which track students declare. This course introduces the role of community engagement, social action and philanthropy; examines theories and practices of philanthropy, and strategies for social changes; and involves hand-on engagement with philanthropy in the form of students making decisions about the distribution of a real fund.
  • The required internships or field placements, and service learning courses offered across the campus meet the internship requirement.
  • Students can petition to have other courses count as electives so long as the courses’ content is consistent with the goals of the minor.
  • Up to two courses from the major can count towards the minor

How do I find out more information?


More Information

Cherry Yip
Program Manager, Civic and Community Engagement Minor

Twitter: @ucicce

Facebook: UCICCE

Division of Undergraduate Education
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University of California, Irvine
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